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Meet Dr. Jeff Johnson

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I'm proud that Madison Hospital has led the Madison community’s COVID-19 response from the start. But it’s not the only thing happening on our campus. Behind the scenes, the members of our Madison Hospital Board are busy making plans for the future of your community hospital.

And we're excited for the contributions of our newest hospital board member, Dr. Jeff Johnson.

As medical director of our Emergency Department, Dr. Johnson is the consummate front-line hospital hero helping to keep our community safe. He's such a big part of our emergency services that we recognized Dr. Johnson with our very first Madison Hospital Physician of the Year Award.

He's also familiar with other aspects of running a busy hospital, which makes his insights as a board member invaluable.

"I am honored to serve on the board where I can share my perspective on ways to continue providing excellent care for our patients as we also plan for future growth," Dr. Johnson told me. "Madison Hospital provides critical access to medical care which is crucial to the surrounding area. The hospital has been a catalyst for growth and is also essential to support the growth we will continue to see."

I rely on Dr. Johnson and the other volunteer members of our Madison Hospital Board to help keep me focused on the big picture – to make sure that our plans for the future match up with our community’s changing needs. Their commitment of time, energy, and expertise help make your community hospital the best that it can be.